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1. (v) An alternate term used to describe a girl you would bang.

2. Common twitter hashtag; #Schmang

3. Being drunk on low cost drinks
1. Hey Reid, would you schmang that girl?

Fuck yeah, I'd schmang the shit outta her.

2. Yo we chilling hard #Schmang

3. Ander was so schmanged last night we drew a dick on his face.
by Ellis P June 17, 2011
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dried spooge! otherwise known as crusty cum
I spoooged in my bed last night and woke up with schmang on my ear
by Brian October 05, 2004
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A covering or coating of crud on or inside a motorcycle.
I removed the countershaft sprocket cover to install my new chain and was amazed at the amount of SCHMANG under there.
by rob mckinnon December 05, 2003
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a general term for any kind of undesirable matter, usually something that can be smeared
After talking on my cell phone, I always have to wipe the face schmang off the screen.

Don't put your feet on the couch. I don't want schmang on the cushions.

Don't hug me. I've been working out and I feel all schmangy.
by djbizze October 05, 2005
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A wild and unruly female dog, usually of the 'toy' group. Name derived from 'Siamang', a primate of similar behavioral characteristics.
That little schmang barks it's head off every time I walk by!!!
by bengjyi April 18, 2006
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