The term "Schlags" is a Northern NSW slang term.

The word has no specific meaning as it is more of a filler word in sentences. It can be used as anything from a pronoun, noun, verb or adjective
Person 1: Evening Schlags
Person 2: Yeah, shot Schlags
by Nangers September 7, 2018
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An attractive, intelligent and bloody hilarious lady. Requirments include - too much makeup, oversized hairstyles, being rude and taking up too much space on the dance floor.
The title of Schlag must be attributed to an individual - it is not something one can claim of themselves. Moreover it is not something to be taken lightly. There are only 6 original schlags, who are now legends in their own right.
Male alternate: Schlad.
"OOhh you Schlag"
by Schlag 1 September 9, 2011
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A lazy relatively quite well educated bunch of inoffensive slaking loozers wandering randomly in Supermarket's parking lot looking for a good spot to smoke and share some darts
"Mais elle ne va pas trop capoter de vous zoner comme des gros schlags"?
by Trashlambert September 3, 2016
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acting incredibly stupid or acting like a jerk
"Dude your such an ass to girls"

"Yeah your a real schlag"
by sdfSDFSdg May 4, 2009
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v. to pee; to piss; #1; draining the bladder of its liquid, hopefully into a waste depository via the urinary tract.
OMG hold on, I gotta schlag. BRB SCHLAG.
by SuperZtheDestroyer September 6, 2007
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1; A player or participated considered disobeying the rules as a pro player

2; Anybody who is a rude person who turns down anything
Johny disobeyed all the rules in footbal, he is a schlag
by Zozhang September 14, 2009
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