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The incorrectly spelt German word for "shit", correctly spelt "Scheiße". This mistake is common due to the difficulty of inserting the symbol "ß", and also down to the lack of forced foreign language lessons in the English education system. But that's soley because we don't need to, why should we speak Deutch when the world can speak English. YEAH, who's gonna high five me on that?! Anyone?
1. "Oh scheiße! Ich ging alle meine Nazi-Memorabilia Sie bei der Reinigung von meinem Mantel! SCHEIßE!"

1. "Schizer! I just did a fat schizer on my girlfriends chest after she told me she loved scat. How was I 'sposed to know she meant the lyrical free-styling most commonly found in jazz?!"
by Clydieooo April 13, 2009
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scatalogical. having to do with poo. the sexual act of crapping on your mate.
want to watch some schizer videos?
by bbbboooonnnneeee September 19, 2003
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