It is not a difficult task when trying to pick out a Scene Queen from a crowd. Eyeliner covers roughly 73% of her upper face, big hair, fishnets, cheetah print, ect. Typically a girl who wants to fuck the so called "emo" lead singer of the band but is too good for the emo style (who looks good in black anyways?? duh!)

A Scene queen is the first to exit the moshpit because her multi-colored hair extentions keep falling out O. M. G.
"Ew i'm pretty sure i ate some SceneQueen's purple hair extensions when she was standing in front of me in the pit..."
by AlexxSixx November 28, 2009
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See: scene

Scenequeens are people often looked up to by the millions of scene kids around the world.

Their popularity can often be attributed to myspace. Many scenequeens have hundreds of thousands of friends, and get several hundred comments on each new picture they post.

Some signs or symptoms of a scenequeen, or a scenequeen wannabe, include a list of "fakes" who have stolen their look, millions of pictures (often done in very minimal clothing), designer logos, thousands of friends, obscure electronica profile songs, and pictures of cartoon characters.
1: "Yeah, she totally stole her look from a scenequeen."

Some scenequeens include Jeffree Star, Jac Vanek, HannaBeth, Koti Rose, Kiki Kannibal, etc.
by Tinkerbell is dead April 2, 2008
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A nice way of calling someone a groupie.
Twig is a wannabe scenequeen
by dominika March 24, 2008
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pompous jerks who are entirely unoriginal, wear black and call music "their scene"
"i'm sick of this scenequeen and all of his 'x' tattoos"
"stupid scenequeen"
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