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LoveBites and Bruises in disguise.
Kiki Kannibal: Please buy my $400 plastic shapes so that I can spend it on adding more hair extenstions to my bleached straw hat hair.
by jallyjojo December 04, 2007
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a myspace scene queen, famous for adding just about everyone she saw and joining about a million trains. any slightly disrespectful comments to her pictures, and your blocked. she was banned from myspace for putting up a nude picture of herself her ex put up first, which doesn't really make sense in the matter of things but hey, that's kiki for you.

kiki kannibal has her own jewelry line called kikikouture, and the cheapest they go is fourty dollars plus shipping. it's rumoured that her jewelry isn't half as good as people say it is, that it's just plastic and is usually broken when it arrives. then again, there are numerous people that adore kiki kouture and openly obsess over it. in reality though, it's easy enough to find the same shapes for five or six dollars in hot topic.

kiki kannibal gets a lot of crap about everything, so you really can't blame her if she's a bit... bitchy. she claims to have brought the horizontal stripe back, but many people claim that she copied audrey kitching. some people say she and her sister koti copy hannabeth and audrey kitching's poses, but i don't see the resemblence.

after she was kicked off of myspace, kiki took up stickam and is on usually about daily. she goes live a lot, and watching her videos can either be hilarious or a cause of brain deteriation.

all in all, there are a million different veiws on kiki kannibal. personally, i think she's just a girl who's been overly praised and torn apart, making her ego kind of blown up.
xxlolsxx: i watched kiki kannibal live the other day. it was hilarious.

lesslols: i thought she was really stupid. she and her sister are messed up.
by sheabby November 03, 2008
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A stupid ignorant scene poser that claims to bring back social and popular things that people ALREADY do. Someone feed her a cheeseburger.
TRU3$C3N3GiRL: I just did my hair! I love it, i'm so more scene than Kiki Kannbial!

xsuicidexnailax: You are like Kiki Kannibal! Your a stupid poser that needs to get her own style and stop wasting her time trying to do something because everyone else is.
by MOREXRADXTHANXYOU September 06, 2008
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A self-hyped internet celebrity who is compared with the likes of Audrey Kitching and other scene queens. She often is seen with another "scene" model, Dakota Rose.

At one time, Kiki sported extensions in her hair with big brown (horizontal) stripes on her bangs and throughout her hair. She's infamous for claiming to bring back "scene stripes" and was notorious for her big bat jewelry.

She's mostly adored by pre-teens and hated by true scenesters.
ximadinorawrrrx: Wow girl, your hair is so Kiki Kannibal!

lykeiizsosc33n: AW thanxz! I thought it was uber rad too!

moreradxcorethanyourmom: Ugh, KK is such a poseur. Grow up kids.
by candywarhol___x October 22, 2007
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A girl from Coral Springs, FL who is popular by
claiming that "she brought the stripez back" or "she invented the stripes" on her hair. She also has a
sister named Dakota Rose, which has lepoard pring on her
hair and claims to invent the lepoard print on her hair.
They're both popular one myspace. Kiki claims to be
the "scene queen" who invented stripes, Hello kitty, bats,
and all that stupid 'scene' stuff.
OMGZZZ Hey everyone, I'm Kiki Kannibal and I brought em'
stripez baqq, I have an amazinggg boyfriend which is
mr.myspace and he buys me chanel, and all that expensive stuff everytime I fuck him. BY THE WAY BITCHEZ, HATERZ MAKE ME FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!
by goregasmicdesigns March 26, 2007
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Very young teenage girl Kiki Kannibal is a self-claimed "Scene Queen" (real name Kirsten Ostrenga) who lives in South Beach, Florida. She made a name for herself online and now has a band of followers and a bigger band of haters.

She sells jewelry on with her "own original designs."

She also has said that she "brought back stripes" refering to the racoon-looking stripes in her hair. Some say that they're are photoshopped but she says that they are not. Audrey Kitching has been photographed with stripes in her hair a while ago and has clients who have stripes, yet Kannibal says she "brought back stripes."

Many say she's a "Audrey Kitching wannabee" or a "Jac Vanek" wannabee but she's "original."
Scene Girl 1: Ohmigod, did you see Kiki Kannibal's jewelry, it's effin' hot!

Scene Girl 2: Yeah! I'm buying the one for $65.00 today!

Scene Girl 1: Awesome!
by Yeah, I'm Scene. February 21, 2007
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