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A negative word used to describe the popular social-networking site, Myspace.

Originated from the large amounts of scene kids on myspace, and created by those who frown upon the site's recent popularity with the followers of the scene trend.

Myspace is well known for the birth of many scene trends. One being the use of two word names, commonly formed by the person's actual name and a random/morbid adjective or noun. ex. Anna Aesthetic, Sally Suicide, Megan Morphine, etc.

Another trend popularized by the site includes the worshiping of random models and singers such as (but not limited to) Jeffree Star, HannaBeth, Jac Vanek, Airica Macabre, Kiki Kannibal, Koti Rose, and many, many others. Girls who look up to these myspace celebrities as inspirations for their own looks usually end up being labeled as "fakes" by the celebrities themselves.

Myspace has made it easier for thousands of scene kids to spread trends like wildfire, steal people's looks and ideas, and is now used as the central hub for the exchange of scene information.
1: "Have you seen her new pictures on scenespace?"
by Tinkerbell is dead April 2, 2008
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Scenequeens are people often looked up to by the millions of scene kids around the world.

Their popularity can often be attributed to myspace. Many scenequeens have hundreds of thousands of friends, and get several hundred comments on each new picture they post.

Some signs or symptoms of a scenequeen, or a scenequeen wannabe, include a list of "fakes" who have stolen their look, millions of pictures (often done in very minimal clothing), designer logos, thousands of friends, obscure electronica profile songs, and pictures of cartoon characters.
1: "Yeah, she totally stole her look from a scenequeen."

Some scenequeens include Jeffree Star, Jac Vanek, HannaBeth, Koti Rose, Kiki Kannibal, etc.
by Tinkerbell is dead April 2, 2008
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