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If your 14 year old daughter comes home from school with a razor comb and box Manic Panic red hair dye, flips you the bird with one hand while piercing her eyebrow with the other, reminds you that all the bands you listened to when you were her age are dead now and smiles like she personally killed them, starts ending all words with -eh (like "kitteh"), trashes all the computers in the house by downloading virus infested shareware programs so she can put some more Boys Like Girls on her ipod, starts dating a guy that's sporting his little sister's jeans and more makeup than Boy George, suddenly tells you she's "bi" and that every girl she knows is "bi" and is "totally stalking" her, starts mixing plaids and florals in ways that make you wonder if you're having an LSD flashback, flat irons her hair so straight that if you smacked her in the head, her hair would shatter like glass, tells you she's "so scene" and then tells you to "go f'ing look it up lolz cuz u so retartuhed" when you ask her what the hell is a "scene"'ve got yourself a Scene Teen.
Someone replaced my beautiful daugher with a cussing, smoking, flat ironing hair wearing, skinny jean buying, monster...she's a scene teen.
by URmommah March 16, 2011
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