having interesting walks home while intoxicated with alcohol, meeting interesting characters such as an egg called rob, old chinese ladies giving out rice and being a total brummie about it.
Gyal1 - "i just dropped my phone on the floor, but it doesn't matter! I can buy a brand new one for £50.

Gyal2 - "Hmmmmm are you sure you aren't just scarletting
by BreEz3 October 21, 2014
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it is when u r on

yr period
i am on scarlet
by mizz bubbly July 4, 2009
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scarlet was a hoe because she was after all the boys at the party.
by trey longgate December 17, 2018
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have you seen avengers endgame?
yeah scarlet witch was a queen, thanos literally had to cheat to beat her
by @avengxr.s on instagram March 2, 2020
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One of the main characters from the anime and manga Fairy Tail, also known as Titania. In addition to looking awesome she is an S-Rank Wizard, and overall a badass being one of the strongest and more intimidating members of the guild and a master of Reequip Magic.
1. Erza Scarlet is definitely one of the stronger members of Team Natsu, however she can be pretty scary if you break the rules.
by justarandompasserby March 18, 2013
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Group of three girls (Vampire, Maid, and Librarian) that dress to impress and to stop crime in Gensokyo. They do not like fairies, especially ghetto ice fairies that make their own milk. Surprisingly causes more harm than good in most scenarios.
cirno: *being fucking ghetto*
remilia: unless you dance in the next five seconds, youre under arrest
cirno: *dances*
sakuya: youre still under arrest.
scarlet police on ghetto patrol
by doesmydogiggywearmakeup November 13, 2021
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