In Dublin, Ireland, scarlet is slang for embarassed - more mortified than embarassed, a kind of huge, overwhelming, blush to your toes type of embarassed. In the Dublin accent, it sounds more like "scar-leh" with a lot of emphasis on the first syllable
There I was dancing away and all the time me skirt was caught up in me knickers - I was SCAR-leh!
by Tel June 2, 2005
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At term mainly ised in Dublin Ireland meaning that you or someone else is really embarrased or going red
Linda shagged him last night

Linda : hahaha SCARLET
by Lol-this-chap January 27, 2019
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Mad. Unstable. Prone to tantrums.
Lacking logical thinking.
He's gone a bit scarlet.
A bit scarlet that one.
by Joe Williams July 28, 2003
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A slag that has sex with all the boys she can. Absolutely vile human being.
That girl is a slag. I bet her name is Scarlet.
by bumsweatmarks November 14, 2019
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A weird motherfucker who's like a 5/10 or maybe 6 or 7 but no higher and kinda gets a bit salty sometimes but if she does, you can just make her into a low quality meme and she'll forgive you.
A colour which is a bit reddish.
you: *messes with Scarlet one too many times*
you: "Are you on your period or some shit?"
Scarlet: "YES"
by FuckingCuntsDie April 1, 2018
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A rare mental deficiency, the main symptom is a sub-standard ability to conjugate the English language to a publically acceptable level.
That one speaks as if inflicted with scarlet.

You type like you are scarlet in the head.
by Hubert Jefferson July 29, 2003
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The type of girl who ends up being anorexic and doesn't love anyone. She may have a big booty but watch out she may stab you in the back with it. Overall, she's a hoe dont mess with her she will end up becoming best friends with her and she may backstab you.. you've been warned..
Vanessa- OMG is that Scarlett.. she has a nice booty..
Olivia(me)- Yaeh dont fuck with her.. i heard she backstabs..
by ~OLIVE~ April 12, 2018
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