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Also see furries
A Scalie is basically someone who roleplays being a lizard-like human. Variations can include dragon people or snake people.
Theres a clan of scalies online, they are all half-dragon
by fboltstrike December 08, 2008
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adj. Describing someone or something relating to any sort of fetishism that pertains to dragons, dinosaurs or any other reptiles be it mythical, extinct or existing in today's world.

noun Describing someone with fetish likings towards reptilian creatures, though these likings are not necessarily sex related. The extent of these likings vary a lot as well, as some fetishes are strong enough to have them wearing scale suits, though most are not that strong.
adj. This dude is totally scaly because he masturbates to dragons.
noun That man is wearing a dragon suit, he must be a scaly.
by DarkDragonDX July 19, 2011
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This is a sub-fandom of the overarching “furry” fandom, whose interests lay in creatures with scales, or whose characters have the qualities of creatures with scales, such as a snake, lizard, dragon, etc. Scalys are quite popular and have made themselves a name in the furry community. They also are, it seems, one of the more diverse sub-fandoms, with characters ranging from the ordinary, typical creature to the more outrageous, out-of-the-world, and odd-ball creatures.

A few strong examples of the scaly sub-fandom are:

• Max_Dragon: A user on multiple websites, such as Deviantart and Fur Affinity. He is a proud realistic artist and scaly, as dragons are depicted in most of his drawings, especially his dragon-fursona (named “Max”).

• kabier: A user on multiple websites, such as Patreon and Fur Affinity. She is a skilled cartoon-style artist and holds several raptor-fursonas, one of them named Genesis. She holds a top spot in popularity, and has a mass of followers, especially on Fur Affinity.

• Sulfer: A user that operates mainly on the website Fur Affinity, and a self-proclaimed art whore. Sulfer is a fursuiter around the Ohio area, and is a dragon-fursona depicted in a library of digital art found on his user page. He tends to romp around AnthroCon when it comes around.

These examples are few compared to the number of scalys world-wide.
Person A: Hey, why is so-and-so so obsessed with dragons and sh*t? He talks about them all the time!

Person B: He's a scaly, dude!


Person A: You heard about that group of fursuiters… they looked like lizards!… that raised money for charity?

Person B: The scalys? Yeah, I heard. That's pretty neat, actually!
by DSYS_ November 09, 2015
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A person who will whinge all the time. Doesn't always get what he wants and can be a pain
Oh look. Scaly is at it again
by Lincoln A March 18, 2009
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