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an unusual animal known to be just capable of cognitive abilities, able to form abstract concepts with difficulty.
comes in many different colours, but best distinguished by the disturbed and "melted" (national geographic) facial structure.
The sazzle never goes in direct sunlight, due to the irrational fear of ruining complexion, and is known to be pathological in that it cannot tell te truth without lacing it with lies, and as such, should never be trusted with a fucking thing.
the cry of the sazzle was described by david attenborough as "like listening to joseph fritzl raping a cat," and it is a common occurence that the cry of a Sazzle can clear a whole room in seconds,which with the display of unusually coloured and matted fur, along with the strong smell of faeces and alcohol, makes it one of the least popular animals on the planet.
the Sazzle is also an indicator speicies of the infamous Greebo effect, in which the smell of BO and cigarette smoke prevents heat from escaping the atmosphere, thus causing global warming.
by johnwhitty3112 May 13, 2010
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- A uber-sexy person. Often referred to as a mess, both mentally and physically, but retaining that cute, drugged up mentality.
- Sexually devious

- Sazzle mispelt by not putting a space before the 'x'

by Bloke From Blackburn November 17, 2006
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