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The Sayoc system has become a premiere Filipino martial art that emphasizes realistic self protection skills.

As a leader in the field of edged weapons combatives it has been sought after by many noted martial artists, Special Warfare military operatives, DEA, Air Marshall, ICE, SWAT, as well as many individual practitioners worldwide.

Included within the curriculum:

Edged weapons
Impact weapons
Medical Management
Scenario training
Logical order of thinking
Non linear striking
Vital Templates
Transition Drills
Training Modifiers
Teaching methodologies
Projectile usage
Multiple man teamwork
Multiple blade usage
Optional firearms training

With practitioners within its organization from systems such as Atienza Kali, Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Bahalana escrima, DBMA, Inosanto/Lacosta kali, JKD, Ninjutsu, Boxing, various grappling systems etc. the Sayoc organization continues to be a dynamic and evolving system. Never satisified with the "status quo" it challenges itself, practitioners and other martial arts to grow beyond their expectations.

"Sayoc: Not the past, but the Future"

Sayoc Kali The Truth
by SayocKali August 13, 2007
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Negative articles, misconceptions and rumors about Sayoc Kali were spread out by anonymous individuals in various sites. Often behind the scenes where there is no Sayoc rep to correct the inaccuracies. Here are the facts, Tuhon Chris Sayoc trained in PTK, a mere three years and has since trained with other masters of FMAs like Cacoy Canete of Doce Pares who he regards as the FMA instructor who influenced him the most.
Through the next 30 years, the Sayocs have evolved their training with first hand experience working in Security and the law enforcement field. It is quite an attestment to Tuhon Chris Sayoc's skill level that even today people still lay claim to his achievements many years later. Most importantly, Tuhon Sayoc has learned from the past that martial arts goes beyond the memorization of drills, he considers all the life lessons passed down through every generation of his family as essential components of Sayoc Kali. The mere repetitions of movements and patterns are but a small part of Sayoc Kali's popularity. Sayoc Kali is about the ancient principles of the preservation of the tribe. Sayoc Kali treats its members with utmost respect and as part of a strong united family. It is an ever growing organization with a solid ranking system. All the top instructors have been with Sayoc Kali for more than ten years, some twenty or more. It is regarded by many as a highly evolved Filipino Martial Art. Now Sayoc Kali has become the leading trainer for US military knife combatives.
On "All Blade, All the Time": SAYOC - SILAK (formerly the Sayoc Fighting System) is the complete curriculum including stick, whip, empty hand, etc. for those who may have confused the two. That has always been stated openly.
There's even two separate websites.
"All blade..." is not a literal saying. It is a mental note that at ANY point in time of an attack a blade can be introduced by you or the attacker. So many drills or techniques get complacent and the teaching gets watered down when it does not address this crucial factor.
On price: People pay thousands of dollars to go to the dentist, but believe that instruction that could mean life or death is overpriced. That says a lot about what they think their own knowledge, skill level and most importantly their life or their loved one's lives are worth.
Sayoc Kali is a highly evolved Filipino martial art.
by Filipino Martial Arts March 21, 2007
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A rip-off of Pekiti Tirsia Kali, and other styles of Filipino Martial Arts (FMA).

Made up by the Sayocs to cash in on the interest in FMA. This system is interesting only to those who are new to FMA and are clueless about the history of the Sayocs.

Claims to be "all blade all the time"but it's more like "all money all the time". Expensive DVDs that teach "knife fighting" to teenagers and those who want to pretend their badasses LOL. Claims to be effective but is actually based on confusing and complicated templates that will naturally be forgotten in the heat of a real knife fight.

It's not really FMA, because its not from the Philippines. It was made up in the Sayoc's Tae Kwon Do club in the US.

If you're interested in knife fighting, you're better off learning it from Pekiti, Illustrisimo or any of the other true FMAs.

(oh by the way, some of the Sayoc's deluded keyboard warriors will try to delete this soon hehehehe.)
Buy the latest Sayoc Kali DVD of template 34 to 67 from the sayoc and get 10% off of their overprices aluminum training knives.
by demigod March 27, 2007
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Sayoc is a Filippino tribal art originated hundreds of years ago by the Sayoc family and continued today by Tuhon Christopher Casteneda Sayoc. Like most martial arts and art in general it incorporates ideas and techniques from other arts like it and not like it. Sayoc is full of original, ground breaking, state of the art concepts that couldn't be quantified in a short posting. Sayoc has no basis in taekwondo other than that some Sayoc family members studied taekwondo and some Sayoc practitioners teach tkd as a business in part because it allows them to teach real martial arts concepts to those who think TKD is the only martial art. Sayoc is an expensive art to study since it is not run to be a commercial enterprise and therefore has a relatively low number of regular practioners and instructors as compared to other martial arts. Tuition is comensurate with semi-private training. Tuition is often lowered or even waived for serious students under financial stress which is in keeping with the tribal family atmosphere. As a martial art Sayoc is given the highest ratings by respected MAs like Dan Inosanto. In Sayoc everything is considered a MA from edged weapon knowledge and teamwork, to driving skills and diplomacy.
Sayoc Kali is a Filippino tribal art originated hundreds of years ago by the Sayoc family and continued today by Tuhon Christopher Casteneda Sayoc.
by TVW August 26, 2007
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Sayoc Kali is a traditional blade art that focuses primarily on knife fighting. Practitioners are trained to fight with a knife in either hand, and frequently throw blades as a distraction, to create an opening for an attack, and to judge the skill level and reaction speed of an opponent. Practitioners carry multiple blades, typically 10 or more. It is considered one of the most aggressive of all martial arts. The official slogan of Sayoc Kali is: "All blade, all the time."
"Sayoc Kali is a highly evolved Filipino martial art."
by Tyr Shadowblade July 01, 2006
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A special defensive and offensive military martial arts practice originating in the Phillipines in the 1700s. The training consists of using hands, feet, and bodylocks to subdue or kill an enemy. Modern Sayoc Kali is practiced among Russian Special Forces and Navy SEALs, and Sayoc Kali is also used with knives.
The Man used Sayoc Kali on the thief.
by Loks June 26, 2005
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A special offensive and defensive martial arts originating in the Phillipines in the 1700s. the martial arts consists of using hands, feet and bodylocks to defeat the enemy. It is widely practiced these days by Russian and American Special Forces.
Sayoc Kali is very complicated to learn.
by Loks June 26, 2005
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