A Savi is a very mature person, but does not understand real love when he is standing in front of her. She understands life at a very young age. She has feelings though she may not always show it. She has a squeaky voice, which is very annoying to everyone. With long dark hair she makes heads turn. She is lazy in life, who needs a lazy boy. To get a Savi is the most wonderful honor.
I really do wish that a Savi would love me like i love her. I love you Savi.
by Saviiii November 25, 2021
"Hey dude, you're being Richard Savy."
by Satanismftw September 2, 2019
a ''julian savi'' is a very cool kid. all the boys want to be like him, and all the ladies want to be with him. he is the opposite of gay. he is a cool kid, cause you can vibe with him.
do you know the cool guy from third grade? he is such a julian savi!
by nibslib February 16, 2020
Wife savy are girls or women who can clean ,cook, and love. The whole package
Girls with the letters K😍 ,A💍 ,J💜 ,I💕 Z😘 ,&& M😏 are usually wife savy
by omggurl_love December 12, 2015
A beautiful intelligent person with a beautiful spiritually grown soul, very independent , and is a great friend and gives great advice, they can be a little bit sneaky and they get away with things often, they deeply care and love people but sometimes sometimes do not show it, they are beautiful they look like a a field of sunflowers, dirty blonde hair and a beautiful smile very kind and caring, and someone you can trust, everybody wants this person, they are an icon littery and they are usually hippies with a passion , and love outdoors. super chill definitely smokes pot , and always making everyone laugh
did you see savys new shirt
yes it’s so cute i wonder where she got it
by xoxo gossip girl22 April 26, 2021
Comes from the notorious Savy gang based out of Warren, Michigan. If you here "Savy" , It is at your best interest to run as a flock of minibikes and large men will come towords you without any positive intentions. The leader is Nate Savy, a 6ft killer.
by SavyGang October 20, 2022