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Sauved ( saw-ved) or Sauve. Intimidating shreiking reply to an awesome blocked shot by a hockey goalie. Used firmly when your teams' goalies makes an unbelievable save. Best used when playing a local pick up game of street hockey and the goalie wants to talk shit to the other team by yelling Sauve! after every blocked shot. The word is similar to the word "Saved" so The term is fitting. Furthermore, ultimately from Robert F. Sauvé (born June 17, 1955 in Sainte-Geneviève, Quebec) is a retired professional ice hockey goaltender, who won the William M. Jennings Trophy for fewest goals allowed in 1984–85.
Goalie: "I was sauving pucks left and right against those dudes, they were nowhere on me for goals."

Announcer: " Here comes Anderchuk one on one with Hexstall, shoots.. "SAUVEEEEE" , what a save!"

Friend: "Betcha 5 bucks i score here.." ( shoots )
Goalie: "SAUVE!!!" ( stops shot)
Friend: "WTF, thats obnoxious, sauve. Double or nothin?" "
by Max Watts September 06, 2013
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Very sexy, Justin wanna be, tongue pierced fine social teacher!!
AKA: Mr. So Fine
Damn, look its Mr.Sauve!!!
by sexybitch May 10, 2003
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hes never gonna like you and probably thinks your all fat whores, the only way to stop him thinking that is to never eat again, please try. and he probably sucks as a teacher and a person.
sauve is a closet homosexual and is after all your "boyfriends"(woman so ugly youd think there men)
by ihatechance March 12, 2005
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the hottest teacher we ever seen
and miss so much
by foxy October 12, 2003
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One good lookin/hot guy! the best teacher we could ever have!!!
sauve is hot
by hottie May 08, 2003
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name that orginally derives from the english word suave also known, yummy, smelly, cheap shampoo.
Looks like she got her sauve on!!!!! Should have made love to HERBAL ESSANCE!!!!!
by PIMPING254698 April 16, 2011
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