A bastardization of source. Basically, someone asking "source?" under some form of artwork. (typically porn)
Some motherfucker posts some hentai
by pancreas_Stabber_69 December 12, 2020
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a slang on 4chan used as a synonym for source for a certain material
"sause on this picture"

fullfilment of request:
post the original material the picture came from, or some reference to the original material
by Sam_I_am February 18, 2009
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a term used by white people from the north that is inspired by the dirty south. Rick Ross could be the inspiration 'rick ross (pronunciation r-OW-s) the boss (pronunciation b-OW-s)
me: what the fuck man they didn't put enough sause on my chicken wings
friend: maybe you should go ask the bause for more sause

pronunciation is obviously S-OW-s like (i like bause sause on my chicken)
by pwnt@n9 December 7, 2007
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adj. When something is completly lameor covered in lamenss.
1.-"shelly is always kicking me in the shins"
-"Lame Sause."
2. "I hate that, its got lame sause all over it."
by Meliss-ahh-U January 22, 2009
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