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Refers to the University of British Columbia Commerce Faculty: Sauder School of Business.

1. (adj) a cocky person who thinks he/she is better than everyone else because he/she is wearing a suit/$500 worth of clothing to school (when they work for minimum wage at Hollister)

2. (adj) a materialistic person who spend their whole salary on Macbooks, clothes, and partying

3. (adj) someone who believes they will have a brighter future than anyone else when in fact, they're just "esteemed" arts students

4. (adj) ironic
Arts: "Why are you wearing a suit to school?"
Sauder: "'Cause its Careers Day and I'm gonna get myself a job."
Arts: "What job?"
Sauder: "Impact Team Member" at Hollister."

Science: "Whoa, nice MacBook. How much did it cost?"
Sauder: "Thanks, $1500, but that's ok, my parents paid for it."

Sauder: "Ha...arts kids."
Arts: :(
~~~~4 years later ~~~~
both of them are still working at hollister


Sauder: (points to engineers) "Haha...Have doing your homework while I party."
Sauder: (points to arts) "Haha...They only know how to party, have fun working at McDo in 4 years."
by 05DW October 12, 2011
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A codeword used by retards and liars. Means either "I've never so much as read about electricity on wikipedia but i'm a fucking expert" or "I didn't read the manual and completely fucked my car stereo up"
"I just put some new alloys on my ferrari. all i had to do was resauder the wheels"

"I think my saudering ion is broken. I was gonna fix my speakers but when i did the touch test i burnt myself"
by GepperRankins November 12, 2006
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