A Holiday that falls on every weekend that is specifically designated for the boys.
Liam's girlfriend- babe can we hang out this Saturday?
Liam- sorry babe, but Saturday's are for the boys.
Liam then shotguns a can of beer and screams add pucksnaps03 on Snapchat.
by Huck the buck bud May 22, 2017
A legit excuse to tell your spouse you would rather hang out with your male friends on that day than engage in trivial activities with the aforementioned.
Spouse: We're having dinner with my coworker Janet and her boring husband Ben tomorrow.
You: Can't do darling, Saturdays are for the boys.
by 0on August 30, 2016
Simply as it states, Saturdays are for the boys.
Saturdays are for the boys.
by liamznoh August 24, 2018
Saturdays are for the boys is a term used by many males and describes how on the last day of the week, a bro is required to give priority to hanging out with the boys over a romantic interest, it is mainly spoken by highschool and college age boys but applies to men of all ages. Saturdays are going to be especially important after marriage as a bro needs time with the other bros to be a bro and say all the stupid stuff and do stupid stuff so he doesn’t crumble mentally.

Saturdays are for the boys is not just a saying to be silly, it is the backbone of a bros mental health.
Girl: Hey babe wanna go watch a movie later this week?
Boy: What day?
Girl: I’m thinking Saturday night.
Boy: Oh darn babe sorry... saturday’s are for the boys.
by robdawgcs20 January 7, 2019
a day in which is designated to males and their male only friends.
"Ben, let's do something tomorrow!"
"Yes of course, because SATURDAYS ARE FOR THE BOYS!"
by blazinfordayz August 29, 2016
While Saturdays are for the boys, Sundays are for our lord
Women: Honey go to the store please.
Man: No, todays saturday, Saturdays are for the boys
Women: What About tomorrow?
Man: No, Sundays are for our lord
by FUZRE June 18, 2017
Saturdays are typically when college football games are played, while NFL games are mostly played on Sundays. College football players = boys, NFL players = men
Pffft, Saturdays are for the boys, Sundays are for the men.
by MikeyInternet September 4, 2016