when your mother tells you to clean your room and you don't do it right so she goes after you and throws EVERYTHING down and now you have to clean up eveything
mommy:go clean that nasty ass room
child:i did

mommy rushes into the room and does the mommy when she finds out that it is not cleaned properly
by mrs.burns December 19, 2008
the nice lady that takes me to school everyday and kisses me on the cheek because she loves me and doesn't want me to get hurt on the playground
by compact asian March 14, 2004
a hot female version of a daddy
person 1: wow what a mommy
person 2: now that is a grown lady
by le meme January 2, 2018
Mommy, is a word you either
A: A guy calls a female dominant during sex
B: The person ( usually a female) that had sex with your dad and gave birth to you and you should love them!!
I don't think I should say.... for the first one at least...
You: I love you mommy!
Mommy: Awww... I love me too!
by Ashfirefly December 1, 2018
A sweet name given to a woman who suffered through a lot to give you life and spent her entire life afterwards making sure that you grow and have everything you need to live happily and gracefully.
Anyone can be mom but it take a special person to be a mommy.
by cats.... December 11, 2017
A female Girlfriend or wife who indulges her Partner with love and affection Like his own mother and loves from the deepest of her heart
Reem you're my mommy <3
by 7amdi December 10, 2019
i'm mommy.
by astraeaxoxo November 8, 2020