A 100 millionth of a Bitcoin, comminly known as the penny of bit coins, named after Bitcoins creator. It takes 2000-3000 of these to equal one $0.01. Also a common way to see the ammount of money your taking in while mining Bitcoin. Most computers ($1000ish) can get around 100-200 Satoshis an hour.
Guy 1: Dude i was mining Bitcoins last night
Guy 2: Same, I got a few Satoshi now
by Armdaddy March 28, 2016
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1. The Pokemon's main character's Japanese name.

2. Ash's Japanese name.
1 and 2. Did you know that Ash Ketchum's Japanese name is Satoshi ?
by TheWildBac May 22, 2014
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Satoshi is a sushi. He wants to learn french and has star pfps. His hair care is extraordinary.
Satoshi has great hair.
by vikachou October 17, 2021
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a really cute guy that is very quiet and shy. a amazing guy that makes you smile and laugh. a
hey we need a satoshi now
by love2012 January 10, 2012
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noun/adj - a social event for Bitcoiners
This weekend I'm organising a satoshial at my local TOSHI club, you should join us.
by W4lt0n August 23, 2021
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The anonymous inventor of the bitcoin cryptocurrency.
Ursula: "Satoshi Nakamoto deserves a Nobel Prize in Economics for inventing bitcoin."

Joe: "I agree. The problem is no one knows who he is or if he's even still alive."
by Prankster December 30, 2018
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The act of bending her over the arm of the couch in such a way that her hips are on the arm-rest and her face is close to, or touching the floor (depending on her height) and you then predece to smash from the back. If you're Italian, this will most likely lead to quick orgasm for her.

This position is named in honor of the legendary Satoshi Nakamoto aka Craig Wright.
My girl made killer chicken tacos so I made her squirt Satoshi style.
by ElectricalDaddyMac May 15, 2019
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