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'Oh Gerd that boa fits you as the sass queen'
search sass queen in google. he's there.
by i am the sass queen April 18, 2011
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One who is an expert at giving sass
"Frey is such a sass queen! Did you see him at that party? Every word out of his mouth was sass!"
by derwinhater June 26, 2013
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a really tall guy who plays basketball and does nothing but sass
"OMG did you see his level of sassiness? he is such a sass queen"
by sasser May 30, 2015
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After everything that you've been through: lightning strike, the scortch, running from greivers and cranks, how does your hair stay so perfect?!

"It just happens" Minho replies as he sachets away from you

Damn he is definitely a Sass Queen

Minho The maze runner Queen Sass
by mrs.sangster duh!! September 03, 2016
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