Freaking (I don't wanna die!) out andOR having your plan completly back fire.

Resulted in a panic attack from certain situation (courtyard..) and led to screaming "I don't wanna die" in residence around 3am.

Another Saso Occurence a prank that completely back fired. Hand full of whip cream and fell into the door of the potential victim and got himself and tried to say he was getting ready to shave.
Bush pulled a Saso (Choking on the pretzel almost dieing and the war No WMD).

In the reoccurence of fault for A known person they can be labelled Saso.

Whenever that individual says anything stupid afterward. You can sarcastically say SASO SAYS SO!
by Two Big Black Men November 26, 2004
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A narsisistic, ignorant and mean person that seeks for nothing but to demolish happiness and positivity. If you meet a saso please do not be with him or the consequences may be severe. Overall a BULLY.

“Omg how did you get a black eye!?”
Saso have it to me for passing next to him”
“Omg how did you get a black eye!?”
“Saso have it to me for passing next to him”
by Charlie stuteron April 5, 2018
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Saso is a person who hates life and tetris
by Tetrishater69420 April 13, 2020
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