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So sarcastic that it's orgasmic.

The following statement can be considered sargasmic: "I'm not sarcastic...".

The use of ellipses greatly multiplies the amount of sarcasm.
"Did you see Seth Green in 'Sex Drive'? He was sargasmic! And amish!"

by sirrobinthebrave December 03, 2008
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the act of being orgasmically sarcastic; being so adept at sarcasm as to induce an orgasmic effect, leaving the sarcasee gasping for breath an making strange noises; i.e. that shit was funny as hell.
the sargasmic comment left everyone gasping for breath and making strange noises.
by the_Hopper February 22, 2011
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The act of showing sarcasm while also pretending to climax during sexual activity
Girl 1: "Hey so how was last night with Edward?"
Girl 2: "lets just say he wasnt able to sense my obvious Sargasmic attitude"
by DaddyLowdr December 11, 2016
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