Kollin. Kollin is the full definition of sarcasm. That’s his only personality trait.
Kollin’s only personality trait is sarcasm.”
by Khaotic Anxiety May 9, 2022
The most overused word on dating apps.
"Sarcasm is my second language" STOP!!
by C8July18 July 4, 2019
Only the most effective way to irritate adults, or any authority figure for that matter. Sarcasm is the use of words or phrases that mean the opposite of the message that you are trying to convey.

Also useful for fighting against stupidity, e.g. "you think it's a good idea to go jump that guy but then say hey man it's just a prank". In this situation, sarcasm is the best possible response. You should say, "yeah, right", in the most painfully obvious way as to say that you are joking. This is because, due to sarcasm's rather contradictory and convoluted nature, you automatically get PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY. The way you use plausible deniability in this context is that if your friend were to get away with it, people might say that you encouraged him by saying "yeah". However, you can claim that you were being sarcastic. On the flipside, however, if your friend were to get stabbed, you would claim sarcasm as to debunk any responsibility for your friend's new injuries.

Also commonly used when in a bad mood, to convey that you are upset but unwilling to talk about it, typically accompanied by eye rolling.
Person 1: "so, how was school"
Person 2: "just GREAT!" With such dramatic eye rolling that they may as well be wheels
Person 1: "I don't like your sarcasm"
Person 2: "what, the sarcasm I got from you?"
by Godly_Goose March 27, 2016
The ability to insult idiots without them realizing it.
Person 1: What day is it?
Person 2: I don't know..
Person 1: Really?!
Person 2: That was sarcasm..
by Carav98 May 13, 2014
The difference between you and the person who doesn't get it.
Retard: Hey, are you okay?

You: Oh yeah, sure, this car parked on top of me is just separating me from my leg. I'd be much obliged if you could beat yourself to death with it.

Retard: Sure!

You: Sarcasm...

Retard: I wasn't being sarcastic!

You" *Facepalm*
by Rowena Ravenclaw September 28, 2011
Saying the exact opposite of what you mean with attitude, mostly when someone asks you a question with an obvious answer. Unrealistically hard to use in the YouTube comment section.
Tim: Hey Tom, can I have 40 bucks?
Tom: Yeah... Totally...
Tim: Great! So when can I have it?
Tom: *facepalm*, nobody understands sarcasm nowadays.
by AreialInferno November 9, 2014
Something your grandparents don't understand because it's from the twenty-first century.


(Teenager comes in the house without a newspaper)

Grandmother- Did you find the newspaper?

Teenager- Do you see me with a newspaper in my hands?

Grandmother- Why you talk like that for, thatsa no nice....

Teenager- Shutup...

It's called sarcasm.....
by *Krystyn* November 2, 2008