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Sarahi means someone beautiful and unique. Some may be mean to her but it's becausre they think she's pretty.
Jock: Hey do you know Sarahi cause i do and she changed my life.

Cheerleader: No but i should.
by highfivegirl March 20, 2017
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They are probably one of the weirdest creatures in existence
They can be Nice or Mean

They are very sensitive
They are very loyal (trust me on this one they are)
They are not the best or the worst but they are ok 👌
They also have some good ass memes
I don't have an example for the wors Sarahi
by Hughest Janus August 11, 2018
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Pronounced: Sarah-Hi

Substitute Teachers always get this name wrong.
Substitute Teacher: *taking attendance*
Students: ...
Substitute Teacher: Umumum Sa-Sa-Sarahi?
Sarahi: here...
by Sexist Alexis The Nazi November 01, 2018
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Sarahi is a overall great person and an even better friend she I will stay by your side for anything and she will also be ther when you are down but will not let you see when she is upset even when things go bad she will try to be there for her friends when she needs to be she is a very beautiful person and super smart, if you ever meet a girl named Sarahi DON’T LOSE HER
Random guy: Dude did you hear Sarahi scores the highest grade of our class?!

Random guys friend: yeah bro she is super smart, and beautiful, have you seen her 🤩
by Yee has girl🤠 April 03, 2019
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a name sounding like "sarah hi!" but only beautiful girls are named sarahi
Look at the girl she's so beautiful she could be named Sarahi.
by rennie67 November 26, 2009
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has had bangs for her whole life. she is hiLaRiOs. hope she sees this and knows it’s me. tell your sister that i needed those braces
sarahi’s sister rOck is so funny -_-
by koolkid :) October 15, 2019
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Sarahi is perfection! She has stunning looks and not to mention she also has brains. She has the best personality you’ll ever meet! She has such a great style. And she’s also such a flirt! So you boys/girls better talk to her before it’s too late! ;) You can say she’s overall gods favorite. If you ever meet a Sarahi in your life you’re one of the luckiest person to ever exist!
“Ugh i’m so jealous of sarahi she’s perfection
by s.bbg <3 September 16, 2019
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