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Sarahi means someone beautiful and unique. Some may be mean to her but it's becausre they think she's pretty.
Jock: Hey do you know Sarahi cause i do and she changed my life.

Cheerleader: No but i should.
by highfivegirl March 20, 2017
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a name sounding like "sarah hi!" but only beautiful girls are named sarahi
Look at the girl she's so beautiful she could be named Sarahi.
by rennie67 November 26, 2009
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Sarahi is the purest child you’ll ever meet. She can provide you wit some good ass memes 28/5 ;) SARAHI DESERVES BETTER
Gonorrhea: SaraHi you got sum memes?

Sarahi: ofc fam igotchu;)))))
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by FreeFuccc October 03, 2017
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loves cock thanks to one nibba, she wanted to suck every nibba after she got good cock once she couldnt stop striving for more, now she is gay and says no homo lol

Synonyms: fagoot cock lover
friend 1: sarahi sucked my cock

friend 2: you're welcome
by nibba707123 June 02, 2018
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They are probably one of the weirdest creatures in existence
They can be Nice or Mean

They are very sensitive
They are very loyal (trust me on this one they are)
They are not the best or the worst but they are ok 👌
They also have some good ass memes
I don't have an example for the wors Sarahi
by Hughest Janus August 11, 2018
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