Sapiosexual is a word invented on the internet and used and accepted by morons who want to sound intelligent themselves by saying they expect it from a partner.

It is not an orientation and can’t be unless you’d bang Stephen Hawking and Margaret Thatcher over Tom Hardy and Angelina Jolie. And yes, that would include prioritizing (your perception of) intelligence it OVER gender. It makes no sense and can’t.

If it simply meant “I get turned on by intelligence”, fine, but that’s not what it means and isn’t how it’s used.

Intelligence is a feature of attraction, but so are freckles, or shoulders, or big boobs. It’s not an orientation unless frecklesexual is too.

It’s the dumb person’s idea of what a smart person’s word is.
I tell people I’m sapiosexual because my vocabulary is shit but I’m pretentious with it anyway, since I have no self-awareness.
by imyourmoderator January 2, 2020
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I want to fuck or fall in love with intelligent people. Watching someone workout differential equations makes me horny. Having brilliant professors in college makes it extremely rough to keep to myself because OMG I want to fuck my professors!
I want to fuck my physics lab professor because he is really intelligent. I am a sapiosexual and find intelligence extremely sexy.
by AnalyticalMind89 September 26, 2017
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A women with an IQ less than her weight in kilograms.
How come sapiosexuals are always fat? Because they eat too much and exercise too little.
by Pussy Melter August 31, 2018
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A clitial region that tends to swell up and become moist in the presents of intelligence.
Mary's bean became moist and swelled up when Ryan spoke of the quasi isotopic characteristics of the material present because of her Sapiosexual tendencies.
by Yerddrey April 7, 2016
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This word’s usage seems to be strictly limited to women’s online dating profiles. In modern American hyper-materialistic culture anyone wealthy is presumed or deemed intelligent and their net worth is thought to be a measure of that, somehow. These women are not attracted to intelligence but superficial appearances. Thus, sapiosexual is primarily used disingenuously to signify that minor physical shortcomings might be excused for a wealthy gent. See related: gold digger, spoiling, and sugar daddy/baby.
Dog mom. Gym. Sapiosexual. Sushi. Wine.💃🏼
by 1stOfAll August 17, 2019
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Someone who would fuck a whale if they find it intelligent enough
She’s sapiosexual, intelligent dogs are her thing
by Wakandaforeva March 3, 2018
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Somebody that is sexually attired by someone that is intelligent regardless of their beauty. That is they are more attracted to someone intelligent than someone else less intelligent without regarding beauty. If that someone is ugly as hell but intelligent doesn't automatically means there is an attraction. There must be more. Like completion in fields of intelligence, some beauty of course if you play in your league. Some appreciation of the other intelligence. The beauty is another less higher in importance in your choosing of a mate to perform with.
I am a sapiosexual which means intelligence turns me on. I don't mean beauty is not a factor.
by Senshi01 January 19, 2018
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