Term used in online dating profiles to signal a woman's decision to never have kids.
I'm a proud dog mom 🐕 and brunch enthusiast. I'm 5' 4" but you must be at least 6'4".
by ledankmaymay420 July 28, 2017
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Reference to a woman who has a dog and treats their furry baby as if it were their human child.
Look at Diana, she's taking her dog on a walk in that baby stroller... She's such a dog mom!
by deeliciousxxx January 23, 2019
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Bacon Boi: “I hate hot dog mom

Entirety of Jebendia: “Me too!!!”
by June 11, 2021
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A skinny nerd who does nothing but watch anime and play with his wiener all day.
Guy: “Hey you remember that hot dog mom guy from Jebendia?”

Other guy: “Hah yes, everyone hated that guy”
by June 11, 2021
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