A male who cannot control both their genitalia and/or what they say while in contact with a female
You were such a sansoner with Jill the other day.

Matt is a sansoner
by Shanelax34 December 24, 2008
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To be or the act of being a very rich. Sansons tend to buy very random things with their money such as livestock (ie. goats, sheep, pigs) to live in their suburban houses. Most drive expensive cars or large American trucks.
Wanna go to the Sanson house?

Naw, their goats scare me.
by animo21 November 14, 2007
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Pronounced Sans-own
To completely interupt a conversation between two people by iterjecting an unrelated topic.
person 1 to person 2: so I says to him, "it smells interesting but not like something I would ever want to eat".
person 3: I have a corn on my big toe.
person 2 to person 1: dude, person 3 just sansoned your ass
by Chaosdub August 28, 2008
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The most amazing guy a girl could wish for. He tends to get upset easily, but makes up for it in many ways. He's very easy to fall in love with. He will also be an amazing husband one day.
Paige is so deeply in love with Sanson.
by Yuffie14 January 19, 2013
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The horniest girl i know. She always thinks something looks like a penis or a vagina.
Jade Sanson: OMG! That pencil looks like a penis!
by a girl who has a vagina June 11, 2013
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A person born into this world destined to be a helper of people. The root of her name is "helper" She is the one that gives her flip-flops to hookers at the am/pm Arco. Gives the jackets off her back to any person who needs them more than herself. She lives selflessly and desires financial freedom and wants the world of all cultures to live in peace and learn that we are to unite and love only one God and that- God gave up his only son, his name is Yaweh(Jesus)who actually died for us so that we can live on earth and accept Christ as our savior, until the day we go to Heaven after we die on Earth-so that we can re-unite with him and all of our loved ones who beleive in the same. Our beloved animals are included in this beleif. Sandra Sue Sansone is outgoing,caring,fun,and will live life to the fullest by showing empathy to anyone she encounters. She loves to dance country line-dancing and hip-hop dancing/shuffling and sing Kareoke on a weekly basis.
Sandi Sue Sansone is (Compassionate)
by Sandi Dance 7 January 7, 2012
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