The act whereby a sandwich bag is placed in close vacinity while you masterbate. Once near completion the sandwich bag is placed over the penis to allow for a quick and easy clean up.
Stephen - "Liam, we seem to be getting low on sandwich bags!!"

Liam - "Yeah my bad, i've been sandwich bagging like a motherfucker recently. Think Adam might be getting involved as well??"
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The excruciatingly painful occurrence when a male, with a saggy, heavy hanging, scrotum inadvertently gets the ball sack tucked under the taint and buttocks and sits on the testicles and sandwiches them between the body and the seat surface.

One can easily recognize when a male is experiencing a Sandwich Bag by way of facial expression. It is, without question, the most breath removing, eye squinting, mouth scowling look a male face can show. Most often accompanied with the use of whimper induced cursing.
Carl finally resorted to having to wear tighty whities instead of going commando. His heavy hanging ball sack and low dangling testicles made him prone to having a Sandwich Bag every time he sat down.
by Eaton Holgoode May 12, 2015
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the act or practice of using a ziplock sandwich bag as a prophylactic in order to prevent conception or venereal infection
I sandwich bagged that ho
by The Lightswitch July 11, 2008
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An ill-advised way to sneak tequila into a sporting event or other dry ceremony. Often accompanied by a straw.
Mike rocked out that sandwich bag o' tequila last Saturday.
by mkade June 15, 2009
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when you take 2 ugly girls with nice bodys and brown bag their faces. Then you have one lay on their back and you fuck them while the other girl has her pussy in the face of the other girl. You have become a brown bag sandwich
Chris-"What did you do this weekend?"
Graham-"I brown bag sandwiched these two girls from PSHS. It was great!"
Chris-"Dude thats fuckin nasty!"
by C & G December 5, 2006
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