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A nice girl, who tries her best to be kind, but don't fuck with her or it'll get ugly. She cares about those in her life and is loyal to friends. She likes to keep her talents a secret, but once she's ready to show them, they're amazing. She's a dreamer and takes some risks, although anxiety can overwhelm her at times. She tries to be careful when she falls in love, but if she really loves you, she'll never let you go. Sandrinas can be very smart and crital thinkers. She tries to have few enemies, but if you are one, she'll be determined to bring you down. She's had her struggles so she may seem distant, but once you get to know her, she's an amazing friend. Her emotions can take control of her, so she can often over react. Never break her heart, she'll still love you, but you've severely broken and damages her by doing this. She's called quiet by many, except her friends she'll talk their ears off. All in all Sandrinas care about each those close to them, but they have their limits and flaws. And if they really wanted to, they could kick your ass.
Person 1: You see that girl over there?
Person 2: The one who's quiet, but has a great voice?
Person 1: Yep.
Person 2: She must be a Sandrina
by SimpleNarwhal June 16, 2018
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lovely person who is very kind and loveing. is a good mate and kind to every one
by friend July 15, 2003
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Someone who tries to neva hav enemies, so i dnt no which fool put up dat 1st definition, coz wot has she eva dun to u?
nice,friendly and bigheded sumtimes
by som1 who is real bord July 17, 2003
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She have a fat ass tho and she give a gud sex
Damn Sandrina sure got down with her sandy cheeks.
by August 26, 2019
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