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A small community within Los Angeles, this town is known for its pride and its ethnicity. Locals pronounce it "Pidro" instead of "Pedro." People are not ashamed to admit Pedro is a blue-collar town. Its roots run deep in the longshoring and fishing industry. Most people in Pedro come from one of three ethnicities: Italian, Croatian, or Hispanic, and all three are just as equally proud of their heritage. San Pedro is home to the largest Italian-American community in Southern California. Most Italian residents are from Ischia or Sicily. On any given day you can find many locals sporting t-shirts, hats, or even car decals representing some sort of San Pedro establishment or just Pedro itself. Many restaurants are local "haunts" that even people from other towns come to eat at...such as "Busy Bee" (best sandwiches in town). This just scratched the surface of this wonderful "Whale of a town." My home...

"Hey there is a big party at the Italian-American Club tonight in San Pedro. Do you want to go?"

by Tara M. June 12, 2007
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A small town that belongs to Los Angeles. Has a couple of beaches and overall a quiet place to live. Small town stores and restaurants. EX: Busy Bee.
by mikekk67 June 02, 2003
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(Trichocereus pachanoi) is a tall, dark green cactus that contains mescaline. It is native to Peru and Ecuador, but grows in various places. It is most often used as an entheogen, but can be used to treat cardiac disease and high blood pressure. The highest concentration of mescaline is in the dark green layer right under the surface. Although Mescaline became illegal in the 70s, San Pedro is legal to cultivate.
Cooked San Pedro makes you trip balls, but it's a nasty concoction.
by Ayahuasca November 03, 2007
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san pedro-

a city by palos verdes and torrance with 90% longshoreman who have lived in Pedro for their whole life and probably will until death. Last names are very notorious
Lets go to the san pedro casual hall and work the key clerk job then go home and go to the Slav hall to eat a large dinner with all the other thousands of slav's!
by dustinsmalls November 14, 2006
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"san pedro" (Trichocereus pachanoi) is a "dangerous" visionary drink. that's a famous cactus extract from mexico, peru, bolivia and ecuador. its used to shaman rituals to get relaxed.
san pedro gets me to find myself... ritual
by cheecheeng March 07, 2006
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the ghetto next to palos verdes, really close to wilmington and other unsafe areas of southern cali
-i'm going to san pedro
-lock your doors
by Anonymous October 22, 2003
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Small island located off the coast off the coast of Belize. They are known for loving drama and talking shit. They have many teens guys who think they are all gangster and "bad man" but in reality there just a bunch of kids who balls havn't even dropped yet. Society is built on chismes and drama as said. Also theres no such thing as not being cheated on.
San Pedro Conversations

Ex 1:
Girl: Omg, hey girls, I just got naked pictures of that girl that works at that place.
Other girl: Oh those are like so old.

Ex 2:
Wannabe Gangster: Yo man im so gangster and shit but i'm afraid to shoot you. Im bad man.

Ex 3:
Retarded girl: Why doesn't he treat me like he treats that other girl, i mean we've been going out for a month, and she doesnt even live here.

EX 4:
Girl: He treats me like shit.

Ex 5:
Girl: Have you heard that chisme, that shes sleeping with all these guys.
by No123No1 February 17, 2009
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