Some one who comes from a rich or upper class working class neighbourhood listens to rap music wears hip hop style clothing throws up gang signs and just thinks they are top G's in general
Stop throwing up gang signs and then posting the photos on your facebook trying to make everyone think you are gangster people laugh at you and think "wannabe gangster

Dude your from the rich part of the suburbs stop throwing up gang signs and thinking you all gangster,Real gangsters are the likes of the mafia,Wannabe Gangster
by Harry69 March 13, 2011
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Almost every single fucking white 8-14 year old on a platform called Roblox
This player type originated in 2016 or possibly before, these players are edgy as fuck and almost ruined the game
How to know if someone is a wannabe gangster on Roblox, they usually:
Pretend they're black when they're actually white
Online date, usually in this shitty sub-game in Roblox called MeepCity. In this sub-game, they usually try to look for lego pussy, roleplaying as a stripper or pretending to smoke weed,
Play hip-hop music all the fucking time
Always insert "lmao" after every sentence
They sometimes act anti-semantic
They wear the "Err" face. if you play Roblox you'll know what this is.
Always think you're mad and comment it out to try and look badass, not giving a shit about how much they are embarrassing themselves.
Use phrases such as "bruh"

These fucktards have ruined Roblox. You can't deny it
In a MeepCity party:
Wannabe Gangster: "*Throws money* GO SHAKE THAT AS GIRL" (They type "as" to bypass the word "ass" because Roblox filters it)
Oder Stripper: "*Shakes as*"
Another Wannabe Gangster: "*Smokes We'd*" (Bypass for "weed", these fucking children shouldn't roleplay about drugs or stripping, this is fucking retarded)
Exploiter: Joins game and blows everyone up
Every Wannabe Gangster: "BRUH HACKER"..."lol im reporting this boi he doesn't have skill so he hacks" (how the fuck can you have skill in a shitty oder game)

Exploiter: "(Insert bypass for "Fuck off"), Stop roleplaying as gangsters and stop od'ing, you are like 10"
The Wannabe Gangsters continue to scream about how someone is supposedly mad and how hacking is bannable but od'ing isn't.
by DesiredApple1 October 09, 2019
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A kid from the suburbs who listens to rap all the time and thinks hes a gangster when he lives in pretty damn good neighboorhood. Its not only white kids, it can be black kids who think theyre gangster because theyre black. It could be kids of any race! Its not just white people, often thought of as white people by a bunch of dumbass little kids that dont even know what gangs are. Also they see white rappers are wanna be gangsters when some of them grew up in hard ass cities like eminem did, he grew up in fuckin detroit for gods sake, and he doesnt even think of him self as a gangster.
Vanilla Ice is a wannabe gangster white guy.

Cashis is a gangster black guy.
Ja Rule is a wannabe gangster black guy.

Al Capone was a gangster white guy.

Understand now 8 year olds and stereotypical faggots?
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People (often middle schoolers) who will act as if they are from the ghetto thinking they are cool when in reality they look like a complete dumbass. Some of their activities include obsessively saying the n word (no matter what skin color they have), lying about going to jail in an attempt to earn "street cred," bragging about smoking weed and drinking alcohol, and last but not least, terrible grammar.
Me: You went to jail?
gangster wannabe: Yeah, it wuz tha plase I earnd ma street cred. I wuz da realest n*gga in prizon and all da gangstas bowd doun tu me. I even beet a cupl uv mafakas dat trid tu rob meh.
Me: Oh, you're so gangsta (sarcasm).
gangster wannabe: Yeah, I beet a cupl of n*ggas in da ghetto. Doze mafakas sed dat I waznt a reel n*gga becuz I wuz wite and in middle school. So I ended up beetin der asses until dey respec meh agaiin and sae dat I'm a reel n*gga
Me: Cool (sarcasm)
by Dubiks March 18, 2019
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An asian that often lives in a poor ghetto area and tries to garner respect by spiking their hair, smoking, and wearing baggy and dark or white clothes. Many try to get a tattoo and try to join gangs but they look absolutely pathetic. They can often be seen driving an old honda with a ton of add-ons listening to either hip-hop or rap. Talks like a mix between fob and wannabe ghetto. Are often very short and hang around clueless girls who try to dress perverted and wear enormous amounts of make-up.
Asian Gangster Wannabe: Yo, homie, why yo talk like you know me?

Asian: First off, I wasn't talking to you. No one wants to talk to your type. Stop shaming our race.

AGW: Yo Brotha!

Black: You ain't black you dumbass!

AGW: Wassup dawg, when you gonna show mah shizzle some respect?

White: Sorry, but I dont speak your language.
by White Washed January 03, 2008
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