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Usually white and black kids from a upper class-middle class neighborhood. Listens to only rap (In 2018 mostly trap) music. Usually can be seen in high schools wearing expensive clothing, and wearing pants that show their whole ass, also can be seen smoking weed, throwing gang signs, being a complete douchebag to other people minding their own business, doing very poorly in school and wanting to fight anybody that ticks them off in the slightest manner. Wannabe gangsters are only friends with their own group of other wannabe gangsters and only attract hoes..

Almost like a real gangster right? actually No.. bassicallyJust a bunch of suburban pricks causing trouble...

*Kid walks past a group of Wannabe gangsters in the school halls minding their own business*

Wannabe gangsters: Yea you better walk around or well beat your ass nigga


Women trying to get past a group of wannabe gangsters in her car in a parking lot

Wannabe gangsters: look at this bitch! *Proceeds to throw a snowballs at the womens car*
by Fieroman February 14, 2018
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Some one who comes from a rich or upper class working class neighbourhood listens to rap music wears hip hop style clothing throws up gang signs and just thinks they are top G's in general
Stop throwing up gang signs and then posting the photos on your facebook trying to make everyone think you are gangster people laugh at you and think "wannabe gangster

Dude your from the rich part of the suburbs stop throwing up gang signs and thinking you all gangster,Real gangsters are the likes of the mafia,Wannabe Gangster
by Harry69 March 13, 2011
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A kid from the suburbs who listens to rap all the time and thinks hes a gangster when he lives in pretty damn good neighboorhood. Its not only white kids, it can be black kids who think theyre gangster because theyre black. It could be kids of any race! Its not just white people, often thought of as white people by a bunch of dumbass little kids that dont even know what gangs are. Also they see white rappers are wanna be gangsters when some of them grew up in hard ass cities like eminem did, he grew up in fuckin detroit for gods sake, and he doesnt even think of him self as a gangster.
Vanilla Ice is a wannabe gangster white guy.

Cashis is a gangster black guy.
Ja Rule is a wannabe gangster black guy.

Al Capone was a gangster white guy.

Understand now 8 year olds and stereotypical faggots?
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