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A sexy intelligent girl who gives the best advice. Extremely funny and popular, known by all. Can crack a joke with anyone, very friendly, welcoming and kind.
Even though she didn't know me, she was a samsam so she accepted me quickly.
by MrLegendKing December 28, 2017
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A weirdo who has sick fantasies about gigantic, hairy, naked men. Also enjoys making gross motions while saying the name of Gigolo's girlfriend and listens to the great Jefree Star.
After seeing Borat, Christian became a huge Sam-Sam.
by Mike Popoff November 14, 2006
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An annoying little brat who takes everything for granted and don’t appreciate what she gets in live
You don’t want to be like SamSam
by Notsaamiya December 03, 2018
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