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Samone is gorgeous. Your morning will not be complete until you see her smile. She's nice and hilarious and really smart, and enjoys card games. She has lots of charisma and is the most important person in the room.
Samone is so much more than any someone. I love her so much!
by idkpao May 26, 2016
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samone is one of those girls who just always has something funny or insightful to add to a conversation. Her laugh is infectious and her smile could melt the grinch's heart. She's smart and kind and has a particular affinity for card games. She's able to make friends with seemingly anyone and yet refuses to accept a compliment, even though her face is gorgeous. She always has a book handy and can do a fantastic batman impression.
Samone is beyond words
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by idkpao May 27, 2016
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A Sámone is such a genuine and loving person. Sámone is always so fun to be around and her laugh is contagious. Sometimes when Sámone laughs she snorts which is the cutest thing about her laugh. Sámone is such a giver and has a passionate soul. There is so much to her that people die to learn more about her personality. A Sámone will make a god awful day amazing. A Sámone is in love with turtles, Alaska and Mount Everest. Sámones are delightful partners in a relationship. They keep you guessing and always keep the relationship eventful with their jokes and playful teasing. She is also an amazing lover once you get her out her shell;) and has the body of a GODDESS!
Bob: I really hope I marry this amazing girl Sámone!

Joe: You wish bro she is such a goddess and genuine person to be around!
by RealLiver May 13, 2018
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She is so pretty and she is everyone body goals with a fat butt.She is so cool and everyone wants to be her..
Do you see Samone,she is much a Samone
by Setety123 October 06, 2016
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Don't let Samone be a priority when to them you are just an option.
by Samone December 03, 2003
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