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The Blood side is the right side. I keep a red flag hangin out my backside but only on the right side yea that's the blood side
If you crip and on the right side you will get shot by the bloods
by samone June 08, 2005

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The color of a black person but we are still called balck even though are skin is brown not black. That is so stupid why would you call an african american with brown skin black? Stupid idiots
Idiot: Hey look at that black girl over there. The one with the black skin.

Me: Bitch my skin is brown not black. You stupid cracker!
by samone April 28, 2005

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A Person who is half bloodred and half cripblue. I hope you understand. It's basically when you mix a blood and a crip,you get purple.
Hey look at that purple walkin down the street. It must be hard being half blood and half crip cause you don't know what side to take
by samone May 15, 2005

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Another word for someone
Don't let Samone be a priority when to them you are just an option.
by Samone December 03, 2003

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