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A Sameera is a girl who means well. She is loyal and loving and a great friend. She has a loud and contagious laugh and loves to make others' day. She has been broken too many times and has a hard time trusting others but she smiles to make others do so as well. She is the best person to go to, to vent. She has a great listening ear and she will love to help you out. Everyone should have a Sameera as a friend!
I just wanna talk to Sameera, she knows how to make me feel better
by rocket and bullet May 03, 2015
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Sameera is a unique and special name which means entertaining company and loved.she is very loving and caring person. She always cares for u.she has very beautiful smile, an iconic eyes and gorgeous look. She is a princess from heart.a person is very lucky and happiest to having a great friend like sameera
I feel very special to having sameera as friend in my life.
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by #mr.yodipu August 04, 2018
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Sameera is a name which means the Princess. She’s known to give you pleasant company and sleeps almost all around the clock.
She eats everyone’s food except her own. Physically,she’s known to have the perfect body(mostly without working out). Darkest of brown eyes with long beautiful hair.
She’ll never be in class but will top her grades in no time.
Wait,is that Sameera? How is she so popular!
by youmightneverknow June 05, 2018
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A Sameera is the most beautiful and gorgeous person in the entire world. She has the best sense of humor and loves her family and friends. All the boys want Sameera because she’s just so perfect in every way! Sameera is not a big girly girl and has a flair for more ‘boy’ stuff. Sameera has the best laugh and loves to make others laugh. She always wants to help people, and gets the awesome grades in school without even trying! Sameera is the best person to ever have around you and she is just so beautiful it will make you sick, even the people around her are jealous of her. She is born with a perfect supermodel babe body that everyone wants and works so hard for and she has the most amazing smile. Sameera is the most perfect, flawless, and attractive person you’ll ever meet and she is better than the rest by far!
I wish I was just like Sameera!
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by skdjjskdjsjsksjdksl December 02, 2018
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what you call a girl who swears a lot, eats like a competitive eater, slacks off all day yet still does well in school, is nocturnal, anemic, and studies on friday nights
Whenever I see Sameera in the hall, I want to punch her in the face.
by towelhead726 April 10, 2009
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(verb) To waste massive amounts of food at a meal. Used particularly in association with meals at college cafeterias.
Try not to sameera half your dinner tonight.
by Anyos July 01, 2006
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