a cute little guy who always changes his mind and can nvr like the same girl for more than a month
hes sweet
and he can always make me smile
Yea sam is my buddy =-D your JEALOUSE
by urmomrocksmysocksoff February 03, 2008
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a very common name which can also be used as term for restaurant city addicts
guy 1: I pulled a sam yesterday

guy 2: you stayed up all night on RC?
by yunho_who July 06, 2010
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A guided missile launched from land or sea against an airborne target.
SA - 1 Guild, SA - 2 Guideline, SA - 3 Goa,
by violentbob2 March 29, 2005
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!. Dont u hate those S.A.M always talkin bout what they have, but dont got sh*t.
2. Those S.A.M lost hard aganist my team, win or go home.
by Elohssa-twin_romtown May 16, 2011
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Often confused with Moses. Sam led the Israelites across the Red Sea to freedom. Sam later went on to write several hit albums such as "Knockin' on Heaven's Whore" and "Blood, Sweat, and Beers". Sam later died of a drug overdose outside the Bellagio in Las Vegas.
What in the name of Sam are you doing? Now zip your pants, and put Fifi back in the dog house.
by The Sugarhill Gang May 27, 2011
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Sam is a great friend for anyone to have. he always makes people laugh and cheers people up when they are down. he is too hard on himself though and is a lovely guy. a best friend any girl could have.
by Jellyybeann August 15, 2010
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The most amazing guy. He has amazing eyes, hair, and body. He will treat you how you've always deserved to be treated. He will always take your side, and will always hold you while you cry. Sam might have gone through some hard things, but those things have made him a better stronger person. He will always be there for you, no matter who you are. He always sells himself short, and doesn't believe you when you tell him these things because he thinks he doesn't deserve it. He also gives the best kisses in the world.

Also likes to joke and say, "Thanks for playing, now make me a sandwich."
Sam: "Would you ever go out with a guy like me?"

"Hmmm.... Yeah."
Sam: "Should you?"

*laughs* "Probably not"
Sam: "Will you?

by 1.20.2012 May 27, 2012
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