Best show besides iCarly and Victorious tf
5 year old me: I love Sam and Cat so much they're so funny! But Cat kinda suck at babysitting with her retarded ass ngl 😳

Me now: oh
by StanTWT April 2, 2020
Two creeps that take care of ur children by buying them things to make them happy
Yo I’m just dropping my kids to Sam and cats
by Cheeto bot 123 December 7, 2019
A funny show on Nickelodeon.
It's about how Sam Puckett from 'iCarly' and Cat Valentine from 'Victorious' meet and become roommates, as well as starting a babysitting business. Both characters work together well and they aren't afraid to say something you wouldn't expect. There are wacky characters, funny little kids, and lots of quirky-yet funny things said by Cat.
If you loved Cat from Victorious, you'll love this show. It's pretty funny.
"Have you heard of that show 'Sam & Cat"? It's pretty funny!"
by YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm August 20, 2013
A weird Show on Nickelodeon about some retarded girl named Cat (Ariana Grande) and Some girl named Sam (Jennette Mccurdy) and there retarded adventures in babysitting.
My Friend: Hey dude have you heard about that show on Nickelodeon called Sam & Cat
Me: The show about Ariana Grande and Jennette Mccurdy babysitting like a retard?
My Friend: Yeah.
by G_Bomb February 20, 2019
A cat meant to live with at least 5 children; minimum 2 dogs and a horse
To qualify for Sam the Cat, you must first have 5 kids.
by Omnipreuneurdort March 11, 2021
An unnecessary spinoff of both ICarly and Victorious. The show is not awful but continuing victorious would have been better.
Person 1: Sam and Cat was so unnecessary!
Person 2: at least it’s better than planet sheen