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An institution located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland known for its parties.
Salisbury University students are known to pregame harder than most people party.
Also characterized by its campus police, who are also known as douche bags
Salisbury University kids pregame harder than most party.
by Anne O. Neemus November 29, 2005
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Salisbury Universitynoun-Below average School

Nestled within the ghetto of the eastern shore of Maryland, Salisbury University surely sticks out like a sore thumb. Most of the people there are inbred and the students are no exception. The only thing worse then the surrounding area are the academics at Salisbury University. If their aim is to produce the dullest and the lamest students possible, they are achieving their goal.

When visiting Salisbury, be especially weary of the potential to party with some current students. In fact most of the students attending these extracurricular shindigs are former students who have refused to grow up. What to expect at a Salisbury Party:

1)Girls with herpes.

2)Girls with any other STD imaginable blue waffle

3)be prepared for less than mediocre college kids
4)Natty lights

5)disgusting filthy houses used as drunken orgy containers

6)guys thinking that ocean city has waves sufficient enough to surf on

There are way too many to list. Best advice? Avoid the place entirely. If you must step foot within a 30 mile radius wear a hazmat suit and beware of the cocamonga monster.
Example 1-
dude1:"Look at that fat herpes infected transvestite"
dude2:"shes not so bad, id rather sleep with her then go to Salisbury University"

Example 2-

Girl1:"I met a guy at Salisbury University the other day and i think i like him"
Girl2:"are you crazy? id rather have my nipple bit off by rabies infested bats while eating bloody tampons then even touch a Salisbury guy."
by Lucyricky88 July 26, 2011
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Located in the middle of nowhere. You will find some of the world's dumbest people here. Violence is rampant around campus, STDs, blue waffles, generally disgusting girls, people without manners. Dumb Americans, Ugly Americans. If you are a European be careful of the Americans, they can be dangerous, approach with caution. Stay away from the women here, they are violent, uneducated and frankly belong in a zoo.
As you can see from a distance, there goes the Ugly American in his natural habitat: Salisbury University. Look at the way he harasses and threatens his roommates. Typical behavior. He/she then proceeds to indulge himself with booze. How gratifying.

A: Hey is that a Salisbury University girl in that exhibit? B: Throw her peanuts she'll enjoy them! C: No flash photos, you'll make her violently burp!
by truthspeaksworlds January 08, 2019
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When Trump says that illegal immigration is bringing criminals, he might be right to some extent, but look no further than higher education. You will find an array of criminals here whether they are female or male. Do not be fooled by the females, they are just as bad as the males. This institution might have some good people, but I have met some of the most horrific people I have encountered in my entire life here. I have been assaulted, robbed, and threatened. Think wisely of the people you live with here and the people you befriend. Because there are some mean people here, that are power hungry, money hungry and do not have any regard for other human life. Although, there are some good people. They exist, but the bad people are the ones that come out the most.
Salisbury University:
Watch out, keep your eyes peeled because your roommate might be your worst nightmare. Be careful what social groups you go into.

Eyes peeled.
by truthspeaksworlds January 08, 2019
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Isolated in the middle of nowhere getting here is impossible if you do not own a car. It is literally an island in the middle of nowhere. Essentially no public transportation exists here. To add to this, do well in high school because you will sincerely regret coming here. Although, there are some good people, they are rare to find. The girls here are mostly unattractive or extremely slutty. Do not live in Dogwood Village, it is a hell hole because of the construction with literally paper sheets separating you from your neighbor. You can hear entire conversations through the wall. Even though, people are aware of this, they still scream, wake people up at three in the morning or play stereo music full blast until that time during final exams. The funny part is that they don't expect you to complain. Coming here taught me that you need to be extremely self-reliant and independent if you are going to survive. Do not trust anyone except for yourself because they will literally take advantage of your kindness and eat you alive here. Expect many people to be cyber addicts and care more about their electronics than the person next to them. If you want to survive here do not attempt at getting a girlfriend because they are mostly slutty, revengeful, and ignorant. Ignore the occasional bullies and death threats because you're already in jail, so it doesn't make a difference.
Salisbury University, sounds like a scary place, stay away from those Salisbury girls, I heard many of them are evil and fake as shit! Salisbury University, where intellectuals come to die. Salisbury University, dragging the country down one overdose at a time. Salisbury University, a twirling Hell Storm where the food is very disgusting.
by thetruthislouderthanfakenews1 December 06, 2018
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