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Salad Ass - a word used to describe a vibe.

originated - Brady Cramer would use salad ass to troll live online interactive broadcast streamers typically live on playstation network via "the playroom". Interactive broadcast are were 1-however many people are live on camera and anyone can view and send chats to them that will appear in the chat box on the screen and typically the people that are live broadcasting will respond to the chat comments.

The troll for salad ass and live streamers was (first off) to get the streamer to say salad ass outloud. (second off) to always keep it in the air on what salad ass is and to keep them wondering, hints the sounds good but not actually defining definition, or the not fully defined definition if you will. common responses to definition are "I know what it is but like what kind of vibe" or the best for the troll "oh ok" lol since they accept it as a good enough definition. so to recap the troll part is getting them to say it ouloud because it sounds funny and to keep the streamer wondering what salad ass means.

Creation - when playing the game "google trends" Brady Cramer thought to himself what is the craziest combination of words that could be put together, and salad ass popped into his head and he could not stop laughing. later the troll word salad ass would become the word/phrase that we know and love today.

max characters were used so please continue below for rest
Please know that this is the real definition and it will never be more defined, so anyone who attempts to or states anything otherwise is a phony and should not be trusted. **there is another current definition that I find validly funny and valid, although they are the same word they are different words different definitions same spelling. Any other definition or person besides him would be a phony****

Yo, your vibe is salad ass as fuck.

that's totally salad ass

Salad ass as fuck!!!! (pickle rick tempo)

Hey whatsup nice (blank) love the vibe totally salad ass!

How was that party last night? ah dude it was totally salad ass. we were lit.

*****used for the live stream chat as the golden go to intro when first entering their stream

Hey what's up nice stream love the vibe totally salad ass! *******

Your one salad ass mother fucker

yall are salad ass as fuck

those are some salad ass vibes

Salad ass vibes (perfect for a T-shirt or username) or just a saying

Salad ass can also be shortened to salad
Examples for just using salad
Keep it salad bro
its all salad bro
by BradySaladAssVibesCramer April 24, 2018
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When you eat too much salad/roughage causing loose stools giving one the ability to identify the different vegetables within the feces. Unrelated to tossing salad.
I had a huge Greek salad last night for dinner and this morning I have salad ass.
by SweetFish February 17, 2010
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