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A girl who is independent. She is beautiful and nice. She has style and loves fashion. Even though she might be stylish, she does have that shy and sporty vibe. She is the opposite of shit. Every boy wants a girlfriend like her.
Jack: Damn! Did you see Sahasra today? She is so hot.

Carson: Of course, she is always beautiful.
Jack: She's mine. Back off!
by ur baeee June 14, 2018
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An Indian, Arabic, or Middle Eastern girl who is super nice and loves everyone. She doesn't have problems with anyone except with the people who truly are just idiots. She can't say no, and always gives people everything. She's a flirt, she's funny, and she's pretty. She's patient, but don't annoy her too much. You'll regret it.
Person #1: Where did you get that?
Person #2: Sahasra gave it to me. She gives me everything!
Person #3: Yup, she's super nice.
Person #1: Huh. Damn, I wish I liked people as much as she does. I can't stand any of you.
Person #2: Well, that's why you're not Sahasra, then.

Person #1: Do you think she'd wanna be my friend?
Person #3: OMG yes! She's friends with EVERYONE!

Person #1: I'm gonna go introduce myself
by digbick45 January 23, 2019
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