She's a brilliant friend who will listen to you no matter what. The name literally means patience. She is really funny and she will care for you more than you think. She is an angel in disguise who knows to handle situation with ease and perfection. If treated right, she can give you the whole world just to make you smile. One should treat her well if he/she wants to be treated well because she's a believer in "tit for tat". If you are looking for a person with a warm heart, Sahana is the one you are looking for. If you have Sahana as a friend, you have an angel as a friend.
Oh my god! You have got Sahana as your friend? Just like a needle in a haystack.
by BlothHoondr November 23, 2020
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A woman who is energetic and ecstatic but loves to annoy others and is very insecure about her sexuality.
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by Pneumococcal0 August 25, 2017
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A shipps little bitch and also a snitch
Sahana ex

by Officer earl November 18, 2019
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Sahana is obviously an Indian girl. Now there are two types of Sahanas. One kind is when she has short hair and is very girly and short. The second type is the exact opposite, like me. But one thing to remember, when you meet a Sahana of the first type her personality will be rough but she will have the highest pitch in the world and the badass looking Sahanas with the deepest voices are very soft souls.
Person 1: H-hey S-ahan-na
Sahana Type 2: Why are you stuttering?

Person 2: Hey Sahana!
Sahana Type 1: WHAT!
by JustSahana May 20, 2021
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Sahana is a sweet Indian girl. She’ll listen to you as long as you want to. If you have a friend, it should be Sahana. If you have a friend that’s Sahana, you’re very lucky. She comes up with great ideas.
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by 123Birdie456 October 16, 2019
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