This is a slang word for the nationality South African.
Girl: "I'm from Cape Town!"

Boy: "Oh, so you're a Saffie then?"
by kspils September 30, 2011
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SAF: Sick as fuck
Biffy: Best friend
Sick as fuck best friend (saffy)
"Hell yeah that's my biffy, she's saffy."
by Kylie & her biffys January 18, 2008
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a girl who tends to have threesomes with males such as sam,rob and archie
omg its saffy that gurl
by sexy bitch with big tits June 03, 2020
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a very weird person, who is, might i add, very hostile...and a lot. and she has an idiot brother, and a.. rather strange personality. she looks like a duck but acts like a duck...
wow, she really is a saffy
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Dirty in bed with girls unlike Lewis who is gay
Girls dont like it with lewis because he's gay and they love it with dirty saffy because he's good
by The best420 May 23, 2017
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The Saffie Effect is what happens when a Saffie mesmerises you into looking at something you had no intention of looking at
OMG did you see how she's made me look at that girl? That's the Saffie Effect!
by Stone-Cold_Psycho September 21, 2018
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(Short for Saffron)
Eccentric in the extreme, has the weirdest laugh that will ever be heard. Constantly making dirty jokes and has a fine array of ridiculously strange backpacks. Likes Roblox way too much, but is an incredible singer, plays piano, beloved by Spanish teachers, fan of Megan Thee Stallion, and is funnier on TikTok than in real life.
"Did you see Saffi today?"
"No, but I heard her laugh, it couldn't have been anyone else."
by certainbastardo September 29, 2021
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