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Safaa is a beautiful funny girl. She's amazing and if your her friend your really lucky.
She's funny like safaa!
by Madmop123 November 17, 2016
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The finest sexiest species of female to ever live. The biggest and sweetest bum aswell as heart, funny, caring , kind and immensely sexy.
Oh my how lucky you are to have Safaa.
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Usually, a name given to Egyptians whose studliness is so clear it is evident upon Arabic Adham means black stallion which I guess is fitting because technically Egyptians are light skinned Africans...he's jacked and strong to the but conscious about his body. He's a maniac in bed and is very forward/physical. His one weakness though is he's a selective romantic. He always chases after the one lady but finds the right girl and this badass will become a cupcake.
Person1: Man that guy's crazy smart but is lazy

Person2: That's not some random guy, thats Safaa

Person1: Oh, hes so forward all the time
by Profit of truth May 29, 2018
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