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Safaa is a beautiful funny girl. She's amazing and if your her friend your really lucky.
She's funny like safaa!
by Madmop123 November 17, 2016
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The finest sexiest species of female to ever live. The biggest and sweetest bum aswell as heart, funny, caring , kind and immensely sexy.
Oh my how lucky you are to have Safaa.
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Usually, a name given to Egyptians whose studliness is so clear it is evident upon Arabic Adham means black stallion which I guess is fitting because technically Egyptians are light skinned Africans...he's jacked and strong to the but conscious about his body. He's a maniac in bed and is very forward/physical. His one weakness though is he's a selective romantic. He always chases after the one lady but finds the right girl and this badass will become a cupcake.
Person1: Man that guy's crazy smart but is lazy

Person2: That's not some random guy, thats Safaa

Person1: Oh, hes so forward all the time
by Profit of truth May 29, 2018
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She’s a wreck, to be honest
She only has friends from doing weird things like singing mulan and has a wish to commit the no breathe
Hella gay, and when she meets girls who are interested in her she has a fricking anxiety attack
She should move out from her house but hates herself enough to stay
Oh my god safaa you that’s the third time you’ve cried today and it’s only 6 am
by AN Actual safaa you dumbasses September 12, 2019
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