A beautiful, smart and courageous female with a tendency to take no shit from ANYONE.
Sady told Miss Ahmed to stop pointing her pen in Sady's face.
by betty101 March 27, 2011
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It is the ship name for Sophia H. And Brady B. They both love each other ❤️
by Sophia13_ H. November 25, 2018
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we call a :) a smiley but a :( a sad smiley. smiley comes from smile +y why dont we name :( a sad +y. petition to make sady (pronounced as saddy) a thing
F1: We cant go out today

F2: :( Sady
by @ver.ax April 28, 2018
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The most beautiful, wonderful, and attractive girl this side of Kathmandu. She is like that feeling you get when you find the right position to sleep in bed.
Boy One: Hey bro, look at that cute chick over there! She’s the most attractive girl I’ve ever seen.
Boy Two: Back off, that’s my Sadi.
by Sadi lover April 26, 2018
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a sweet angel who will never be forgotten. An original favorite.
Sexy Sadie is a song by the beatles. True story. Also a special cat who is watching us.

You LIE! Thats a Tallllll Tale!!!!
by daywalkz July 18, 2015
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Classy girl with that southern charm. One of those "good girls who haven't been caught." Type of girl everyone wants to wife up. Sweet with a good sense of humor but will speak her opinion. That's a total Sadie
Dude I think I wanna marry her... but is she really Sadie-like? She's such a Sadie, always sweet!
by Roblox Ian March 14, 2017
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