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The most beautiful, wonderful, and attractive girl this side of Kathmandu. She is like that feeling you get when you find the right position to sleep in bed.
Boy One: Hey bro, look at that cute chick over there! She’s the most attractive girl I’ve ever seen.
Boy Two: Back off, that’s my Sadi.
by Sadi lover May 30, 2018
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Sadi: A very Hot guy, with the sexiest 6 pack ever !

Sadis The sweeetest guuy youu coould eeever meet !
I would fuck him !
" Hey is that guy a sadi? "
" Hell yea he is, look at the body, AHHH ! "
by Mark Denim December 29, 2011
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(N): Also known in Botswana as "marapo", Sadi is a sweet woman, strong in her convictions, who desperately needs a fuck buddy...
"Hey- there's a sweet girl over there who needs to get laid...I wonder if it's Sadi?"
by sefatlhego August 28, 2008
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