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Sadwich (noun) - A sandwich, assembled from the two ends of a loaf of bread that no one wanted while there was a better alternative, and only one ingredient in-between, typically of low quality and very little interest such as dry peanut butter or week old bologna. Characterized by a uniquely soul crushing taste, a sadwich pairs well with tap water and your now dead hopes.
I ate a sadwich before work.
by Junebug333 April 20, 2017
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When a female makes a sandwich very poorly and the sandwich does not taste good so there for it is a sadwich.
Eww Peyton, I asked for a sandwich not a sadwich!
by Tzzzzeeeeee June 29, 2011
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A sandwich containing no real meat. This excludes Grilled cheese sandwiches as well and Pb&Js.
A cheese sandwich is not a sandwich. Its a Sadwich .
by Schumann21 October 27, 2016
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The Sadwich is a Symbolic sandwich composed of ingredients made of Friendzone material.

ingreduents for a Sadwich:
(Friendship) Bread
(you're like a brother to me) cheese
(Buddy) tomatos
(Fist bump) lettuce
(I wish I could find a guy/girl just like you) Ham
(who else is going with us?) baccon
i sent a text to my crush last night, the text read "hello beautiful ;) "

Than she responded "hey buddy"

Bro looks like you're going to be having a Saswich for lunch.

Sadwich the imaginary sandwich made of Friendzone matter.
by The Mango Empire September 12, 2016
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