are actually extra fat on the outter thighs not saggy boobs you D.A.
hereditary and usually occurs in horse riders
by Linda March 14, 2005
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Extra belly fat and skin that hangs down on each hip of a plump individual.
That Knob Goblin sure had some huge saddle bags!
by Fuckthatnoise May 5, 2015
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Mary was oblivious to her Saddle Bags. But when she found out she Cried
by Drahcir hcirdoog March 8, 2005
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they are extra storage of fat on each outer thigh...resembles a horse's saddlebag which is worn on each side of the ribs
by toy October 19, 2003
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Disproportionately wide hips on a women who otherwise could be considered attractive.
She's an attractive lady even if she is packing saddle bags.
by Roland819 December 13, 2006
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A sexual act similar to the teabag. You place a testicle on each side of a persons mouth and bounce up and down usually while the middle of your scrotum is being sucked.
Hey, I was thinking maybe we could saddle bag tonight.
by Josh Pritchett September 2, 2006
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When a woman's pussy is saggy and wet from too much sex.
Emily Meyer sucks Ms. Wilson's saddle bags.
by Bubba Skunk November 23, 2003
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