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*Can only be countered by 'Nuetral Story, ODST'*

Used when someone wants to be extra annoying. After everything someone say about their day, you chime in with a "Sad Story" to convey your true feelings. "Sad Story, Friend" can be used when you and another are being annoying together and irritating the world around you.
Friend #2: ...but I couldn't go poop. And I tried so hard.

Friend #1: Aw, that's a Sad Story, Friend.

Friend #2: Isn't it, Friend? Sad Story!!

Innocent Bystander: Geh *dead*
by Stiffeh March 09, 2010
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Noun: 1. Someone who is around to limit the amount of insults that occur between group members, because that person is the one whom all jokes and insults are aimed at.
2. An anticlimatic or uninteresting story.
3. One who tells sad stories.
4. One who is grimace in appearance and always seems to be constantly high, and seems to have a genetic defect such as down syndrome, obesity or necrophilia.
5. A person who enjoys the company of large black women.
"O no its Sad Story Scott! Quick pretend we're not here."
by Oh kay February 13, 2006
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