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One who is often upset by things in the world. Often questions what life has for them and talks about things and why they are what they are. Talk alot and get in their feels for the most unexpected of situations. Little details can often make their day or break them. Most times aren't exactly happy with life, but not enough to kill themselves. Often confused with Depressed Bois because most of the time you see them upset and thinking. Though really its not hard to get them in a good mood and simply aren't depressed. Sometimes may make jokes of suicide but truly have no intent to do such things.
Emma: Kennedy never shuts up about how sad and miserable her life is, i think she is depressed

Kiana: Nah, hes just a sad boi going thru some shit rn
by user0293 February 22, 2019
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Young male who spends most of his time in the feels, listening to artists like Drake and Bryson Tiller. They stay up really late thinking about past relationships, and what could have been. This behavior is very common post breakup.
Mike: Man, I haven't seen Steven since his breakup with Molly, I'm really worried about him.

Josh: Yeah, he's been a real Sad Boi lately, always in the feels.
by squaaad up November 14, 2016
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A sadboi uses his sadness (feigned or actual) as an excuse to behave like a fuckboy. He's like a fuckboy but he covers it up by being "in touch" with his emotions and by being self-deprecating. Claims he's very aware of his flaws and is "working on them," but (and this is key) never actually fixes them.
Girl: Hey, how are you doing?

Sadboi: I know I have a lot of commitment issues and anxieties I'm actively trying to work on and that's why I cant commit to you right now but I would like to continue fucking and doing mundane relationship things for as long as I see convenient.

Girl: ????
by ____puurrrr August 28, 2019
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a person who is deppresed af
β€œlook at gvalo she’s such a sadboi”
by aadmsnbwhshsb July 30, 2018
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Also known as Goth Boy, Non Aesthetic, or Omigang;

A Sadboi is typically a teenage - young 20's male who idolizes Vaporwave music or Lil Peep.

Sadboi's typically have face tattoos and colored hair as well. Arizona tea is also favored by the community.
Lil Peep's music made me go from happy to Sadboi Clique πŸ’―
via giphy
by nonaesthetic666 March 28, 2018
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A "sad boi" AKA "an insecure pleasure seeking new age emo moron" Is typically a zoomer that ranges from 14 all the way up to 20. This "sad boi" will have anything but stunning features stylistically. It is comprised of overly priced generic t shirts with oriental characters, hoodies, joggers and possibly a hat if they don't have birds nest tik tok perm hair.

A sad boi is usually too busy professing how little he cares about the world and yet he will do anything to prove himself to it ergo he truly does care but this is how they manipulate emotionally immature females and lure them into their beds. Sad bois are very nihilistic, and lack the ability to be introspective and be honest with themselves.

Sad Bois usually are attractive facially and charming to unsuspecting emotionally immature females despite their unstable mentalities that surface later on. Sad Bois have an inability to grow up and always resort to nostalgia and fake 80s/90s music because they are so fake they can't even acknowledge the real things and the reality of their own reality.
Yo John?

Yea bro?

See that sad boi over their?

Yea that dude needs to grow up and stop seeking attention, he needs to stop feeding his selfish carnal cravings, and people need to be careful of these guys. Not only are they a danger to society mentally, but they are a danger to themselves.
by Prosecutor of Nihilism January 21, 2021
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