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A "Sadboy" is a person who wears bucket hats, drinks Arizona Green Tea, and listens to Yung Lean. Generally depressed people.
All he does is listen to Yung Lean. He is such a sad boy!
by Marzie February 18, 2015
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a crew that consists of girrl punx, rude girls,zipper girls psychobettys & drunx

from the originator Skitz straight from West L.A that hates scene kids, your heads are too big for your bodies.
person # 1- aye homes whoes that chick in the pit?

person # 2- naw homie shes one of those gunx

person # 1- aw shes a hottie

person # 2- hell yeah fool shes down.
by Marzie April 27, 2008
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